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Gunny, This is sad, very sad but it is what happens when suburbia comes to the range. No round can leave the range as it should never have done anyway. I'm a member of a private shooting club with our range being located in a floodway. This is sometimes a problem in the spring but at least no subdivisions will be built around us. We still have a problem with complaints from tresspassers in our leased fall zone beyond our 300 yard burm and have had to resort to having full time range officers, wing burms. etc. because some of the membership will do things as to occasionally hit the hardpan instead of the berm.
The membership is pretty large and the annual fee is fairly small and to keep it that way only the really stupid members are put on notice and only a real knuckleheads will get run off.
Clubs are funny things, I guess thats why my
hunting club has few members and is fairly expensive. We have 12 members and the only rule is that if you endanger the land or another hunter you will find it hard to swim the Mississippi river. So far it seems to work. It's a small group and it works just fine.
Regards to all, Hank
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