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David Schmidbauer
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I just have to vent somewhere about our "New Public Range" that has recently been built about 6 miles from the house.

Great Idea.. Public Range... bad execuation (IMO).

100 yard range with the impact are in the side of a hill. Berms on the left & Right.

Now build a berm at the firing line and through it put 3' round, approx 15' long concete culvert tubes. These are your firing lanes. Not get me wrong... I understand the reasoning but please!.

Points in fact

1 - Shooting through the tubes means you HAVE to fire from the bench. If you kneel your are too shot, if you stand you are to tall to make it through the tube to see your target. And anyway the RO (who should really be called a attendent since he has NO training what so ever) probably wouldn't let you kneel/stand as you would be behind the others that are at the bench. So you can not practice "field" posistions.

2 - Shooting through the tubes amplifies the blast of your firearm. SO, you say, your wearing hearing protection. Well, I usually shoot my suppressed AR without hearing protection as the loudest noise is the sonic crack of the bullet. Even with the suppressor on the tubes amplify the report to almost the point of needing hearing protection. If it does this to a suppressed weapon you can imagine what it does to a non suppressed full caliber hunting rifle.

3 - Forget about pistol shooting unless you want to bench rest shoot. Yeah Yeah, you could practice your upper body style posistion (i.e. mod-weaver) But what about, oh, lets say... your presentaion coming from concealment. NOPE... can't do it. And don't even think about multipul targets... you "might" be able to get two side by side and still see them through the tunnels.

I have to say this is the worst range set-up I've ever seen. If I need to do some bench work (sighting in a scope or working up a load) I'll head there. For all else I'll stick to by back pasture.

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