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This is a bit off-the-wall. Something in Coinneach's post made me think of it, and it is a hybrid topic of Ranges & Reloading, so I put it here to help jump-start the new forum.

What about shared RELOADING resources at ranges? Instead of everyone investing in all that durned equipment, you could simply pay a fee to use the equipment for x number of hours to roll your own in a special room at the range, whether public or private. You bring all of your supplies (brass, powder, etc.) and sign a disclaimer of liability of course, then have at it with the best equipment and all the accessories you might need. I pay for it, at least until I could afford all the equipment myself. It would be especially good for big city dwellers who typically don't have enough room in their domocile for a temperature-controlled reloading workshop. Also, expertise would be readily available should you become stumped or have a question about your reloads. Also, it would promote more conversation and community among the shooters.
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