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Originally Posted by semi_problomatic
P.S. Does that harley logo on your pants make you go faster or fart louder? Just had to ask.
LOL. A quick survey amongst friends confirms your suspicions..

Here's an angle we might relate to firearms. We seek out good quality holsters, sports jackets with ample room, and even fireaarms themselves that can take a beating. My personal SD weapon is a CZ.

Without thinking about it much, we make these decisions based on ancillary use. For example, an SOB holster is of no use if you cannot reach it in an emergency. A shoulder holster can get you arrested if the muzzle "prints" on the back of your jacket. We either know these things, or find them out from experience.

I have often mentioned my stage in life, and as for clothing, I doubt my choices will ever land me on the cover of GQ.

But I do like quality, wear resistance (Harley still uses 14 ounce denim like when we were children) and the arms and legs of HD clothing are cut for sitting and leaning forward into the handlebars.

Flatly, it's a good choice.

Now, as that relates to the OP's question, it would appear to me that any flashlight, pair of pants, speed-loader, holster, ammunition choice and fire-control options (like cocked-and-locked or DAO) would fall into this "proactive status."

I have holsters from 30 years ago that are as comfortable as bedroom slippers.

But I have to agree with your feelings, old guys dress weird...
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