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I'd like to be the... wait... fourth to chime in here. It's a shame I don't get to a range very often... does shooting behind your house count?

Kodiac - Have you ever seen a Colt Kodiak? It was a limited addition Anaconda in either 4" or 6" bbl. Unfluted cylinder, Mag-Na-Ported. The bbl is marked "Colt Kodiak - 44 Magnum" with a bear paw pint next to it.

Way coool. I've got a NIB/NBF 6". If my son didn't happen to be named Colt you could probably talk me out of selling it. Sorry, but it was a gift to him along with a Colt Lightweight AR & a Colt Knife for his first Christmas. Hey... he was three months old... old enough IMO to receive firearms/edge weapons.

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