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P.S. Does that harley logo on your pants make you go faster or fart louder? Just had to ask.
It adds 100#'s to his curb weight.

Situational awareness still only gets you so far. The criminals are in the drivers seat, because face it, you can't shoot every suspicious looking kid with baggy pants.

Planning for the worst and hoping for the best, but being ready for it when TSHTF is how you survive in this day and age. Awareness is what buys you that time to react instead of being overtaken by the surprise forced upon you.

I don't live in fear, and I don't up my presence because I'm armed. It's actually the opposite - I do everything I can to not make waves. The very last thing I want is someones feelings hurt to the point they want to get in my face and it forces me to escalate an otherwise trivial encounter. I'm just not willing to shoot someone who merely thinks I'm an azzhole. The fact I've got a gun means I need to keep things under control.
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