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Sunday I spent the afternoon at my favorite range, a good friend's farm place. It is situated in a nice valley, just a little over 200yds wide from the edge of his yard to a 50' high steep bank where we have a frame set up to tack targets. Hafta hop a small creek to change targets though. Probably could go up to 500 pretty easy by heading out around the barn and crossing the bean field, but then we would be out in the sun and away from the picnic table, grill, etc.. We also shoot .22s at various other closer targets.
Anyway, last Sunday was a little different. My buddy had just picked up a Trius blue rock thrower and mounted it on his picnic table. I ran into him in town and he told me to come on out. I amazingly didn't have a single gun in my truck (there are usually 2 or 3) so we used his shotguns, a 50? year old Browning ou that was his grandads (a very sweet gun), and an old Rem. Sportsman 48(does that sound right?) that had been his dads. We spent the afternoon shootin rocks and b.s., went through a little over 4 boxes of shells and most of a case of rocks. My buddy wanted to keep shooting but the only shells we had left had been his grandads too, some OLD paper hulled Express Long Range 2 3/4" 3 3/4 dr.eq. 1 1/4 oz 4 shot ass kickers. Can you say Magnum? Anyway we had a good time.
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