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I don't see how its wrong to train for a situation. I don't see how its wrong to prepare for any situation. I do see a problem with hiding in your shell and hoping you don't get stepped on. Sure that turtle saw you. Sure he ducked into his nice hard shell. Sure I had a nice hammer to crack it open.
Locks keep honest people honest. Simple as that. Locks are man made, and can be defeated by man. Same with Alarm systems. Cut the power to the house and what happens? Dogs can be defeated with a spray of mace. Or a sig mosquito. I'm not saying don't defend your house.
But you're always more vulneralbe outside your home. Sure you were safe monday when you went to an uncrowded mall, but what about friday night when you want to take your old-lady to the movies and its crowded so you gotta park in BFE and walk 2 blocks? Them two handi-dandi box cutters are sure gonna be effective against a couple of teenagers with whatever weapons they have, who pick the time and place they want to jump you. Scream fire and run, but animals usually chase running critters, reminds them of prey.
And so what if you think you're 6" taller and 50lbs heavier? Its a psycological fact that a criminal is more likely to attack someone who isn't confident over someone who is. Without even conciously thinking about it. I don't advocate swaggering around picking fights and p*ssing in people's cheerios. But keep your chin up, look people in the eye, walk like you're clint eastwood, he's a bad mo'fo. How many people you know want to mug clint eastwood? Everybody thinks that guy's packin.

Now for the sake of argument, say you're the criminal. And you're scoping the likely victims of tonights fun. Are you going to choose slim-diesel, walking like he owns the place? Or Mouse and wife scurring from car to car, eyes darting around like they're checking the sky for hawks? Easy choice right?

Now I'm not saying don't defend your house, or you wouldn't be safe if you were set up like Ft. Knox gold reserve. Cause you would be, right until you walked out the door. I'm saying set up like Ft. Knox gold reserve and Train like 1st group SF. And pack like Clint Eastwood. And pity the fool that even thinks about stealin your lunch-money. The only wrong answer in self defense is no answer.

P.S. Does that harley logo on your pants make you go faster or fart louder? Just had to ask.
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