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Don't know how good you are with do-it-yourselfers but a fake switch outlet.

Bottom of a box of cereal. (saw it in a movie)

Underneath the lip of a coffee table, just insert a cheap holster

Inside the back of a washingmachine. these things are pretty much hollow.

Fake back on a cabinet

Broiler shelf in a stove (just remover that sucker before cooking!!)

If you drive an Amigo they got a built-in hidden safe, but I won't say where out of respect for any Amigo drivers.

Those handi-dandi wall clocks that are made to hide weapons in.

Safe bolted/chained somewhere.

Heater/AC vents

Underneath window molding (pry it up gently so you don't leave marks)

Under a Stair in a stair case (my house is two story)

These are the things I thought about just looking around my living room, sitting on my couch. I don't hide anything in any of these places, and I'm only listing them for the sake of listing them. Sorry if I gave anyone's clever hiding places away.
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