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"With the exception of (I think) Vermont you cannot legally have a loaded weapon in your vehicle. CCW (for your state) gives you a legal right to carry a loaded weapon without violating your state law.

Under federal law you are required to carry the gun and ammunition seperately or as separately as your vehicle will reasonably allow. The firearm must be in a locked case and the ammo separated from the weapon. CCW allows you the right to carry under federal law. This is for crossing state lines per TITLE 18, PART I, CHAPTER 44; Interstate transportation of firearms. Loaded guns in the state you are in is per State law.

Check with a lawyer (I am not one) but unless you live in Vermont I definitely strongly advise against carrying a loaded weapon in a vehicle without a CCW permit. Why risk a felony not to have the permit that you (in my opinion) have a legal right to so long as you go through the legal process."

You can carry a loaded weapon, without a permit, in Utah, Colorado, and NV (however in NV it cannot be concealed on your person while in the car). Used to be able to carry a loaded handgun in your car in NM, since NM considered your car/truck an extension of your house; not sure anymore. There may be other states too. Almost forgot AK. No permits allowed there for concealed carry or carry in a vehicle. Also, like to state when I say gun or weapon in a vehicle, I mean a handgun. Most states do not allow carry of a loaded long gun.

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