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On Saturday mornings around 10am, the little 6 year old girl would get a
dime off of her father's dresser. She would go down the stairs and on to
the street alone. A 2 mile walk would lead her to the ferry to cross into the
city. There she would first go to the store and get a 1/2 pound of caramel
for .02. The next stop would be the movie theatre. for .05 she could watch
two short movies and a feature which was usually Shirley Temple or a western. Around dark she would begin the walk back to the ferry and
then the other 2 miles home. Happy with a couple of pennies left, some
caramels to snack on, and great memories from the day.

The little girl was my mom. The City was Detroit Michigan. She was born
in Dearborn. She never heard of situational awareness. Crime was something
that occasionally happened around Chicago.

Have things changed? You bet. Do we do most everything we can to
stay safe and avoid trouble? you bet. And it's a daily demand.

Stay alert, stay alive.
"It'll happen fast once I start" - Charlie Waite
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