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3) We (gun owners) seem to have helped this trend along through over-sized machismo, grunting bravado, and occasional arrogance.
[Too many of my gun shop or show visits have included at least one individual (customer or employee) actively doing all they can to dissuade new (possible) gun owners by dismissing questions and concerns or just being rude.]
While this may be largely true of neophytes who can feel a need to prove something, I've not found it to be true of regular shooters. When I spent hours at the range every week, I found the people I shot with to be more honest, modest and eager to help than average. I don't know whether this is because people who dislike dealing in BS gravitate toward an activity in which performance shows up on the paper, or whether shooters all eventually learn that BS will always be exposed to other shooters.

I find that frequent shooters are often fine people.
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