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Fiddletown, you and I have no disagreement. I believe prosecutions of clear case are rare (even in the face of political pressure), and in those instances where the case goes to trial there is usually a legitimate issue that should be placed into the hands of the finders of fact.

That aside, let's say you aren't prosecuted, but you are sued in a civil court. The ALCDN can help you here, as much as in the criminal complaint.
That's good. I understand the NRA has some sort of similar service.

My concern is that too many people assume the liability coverage on their homeowner's policy will protect them. I will tell you that in most circumstances it will not. Your insurer may provided you with a defense, depending on the nature of the assertions in the suit, but may not provide coverage in the event of a verdict. Indeed, most insurers will hire two lawyers, one for the defendant, and one for themselves - to seek a declaratory judgement that the shooting was intentional and not covered. Once they receive their declaratory judgements, the defendant is abandoned by the insurer.
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