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Originally Posted by Micropterus
If there is sufficient evidence to send a matter to a grand jury, and that grand jury decides there is enough evidence to send the case to trial, is it likely the ACLDN will conclude the prosecution is wrongful?
Not every jurisdiction uses the Grand Jury to indict. I suppose that I should add that any competent prosecutor can get a Grand Jury to indict a ham sandwich.

It's just not that hard, when the members of the jury don't know they can lead and investigate themselves, rather than take whatever the DA is giving them.

That aside, let's say you aren't prosecuted, but you are sued in a civil court. The ALCDN can help you here, as much as in the criminal complaint.

Now, as to how the Advisory Board handles things, your best bet is to PM Marty Hayes or Mas Ayoob. They are both members here.
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