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I don't know anything about the Texas outfit, but I do know that the Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network (ACLDN) is not an insurance company of any kind. It is a resource for those who may be facing wrongful prosecution.

Should you be involved in a self-defense shooting and the prosecutor/DA wrongfully charges you with a criminal offense, the ACLDN can help. But only if you are a member.

Have your attorney contact the ACLDN with all the particulars. If in the judgment of the Foundations advisory board, you have been wrongfully charged, they can at the least, help your attorney with your legal defense in several different ways. Up to and including a grant for your legal costs.

Fact is that very darn few criminal defense attorneys have clients that are actually innocent. Defending an innocent man is different than defending a criminal. The ACLDN can give your attorney the expertise he needs. Will you need expert witnesses to counter the States experts? The ACLDN can hook you up.
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