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Originally Posted by Micropterus
...but it seems to me that paying for this sort of "insurance" is a waste of money. If your shooting is "justifiable," you have little to fear in the way of criminal ramifications....
The problem arises when everyone who matters doesn't agree that the shooting was justified. Sometimes someone may use his gun in what he believes is justified self defense, but he doesn't have the final say as to whether or not it's a "good shoot." If the DA or grand jury doesn't agree, he winds up on trial. Now it's not a "good shoot" until the jury decides it is.

Originally Posted by scottycoyote
prob the best insurance you could have is to not make any kind of statement to the police other than something along the lines of "i feared for my life, i want to see my attorney now"
the question of how to conduct yourself following a self defense shooting was discussed at length in this thread:
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