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Low second shots

I only have the problem with my large frame target S/W .44 mag. Seems it pushes back more than upward and most of us are used to having to hold em down. I havnt gotten over it in almost 10 years of shooting my .44 mag.
BUT, with the long barrel I have developed a stance which puts me on target no matter what shot it is. ONLY WITH A LONG BARREL and a hot pad from the kitchen on my left arm. First time I tried it I set my denim shirt on
I place the barrel on top of my left arm just above the elbow and bend my left arm and grab my right bicep. DONT SHOOT YUR FRIGGIN ARM OFF DOING THIS...I practiced for two months on and off with the gun unloaded before ever going in the field to try it out.
As they say, try it you will like it!! NOTHING SHORT OF AN 8" barrel PLEASE.
Just my two cents worth.
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