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I just got back from a local gunshop where I was attempting to trade a 1903 Springfield for a Uberti Henry. After telling the dealer that I wanted $300 for the rifle I was told that since their are a lot of these guns kicking around $150 was the best he could do. I didn't make the trade, but I'm curious who's offer was the most reasonable. My rifle is manufactured by Springfield Armory with a S/N of 399XXX. It appears to be unaltered and it has 80% or better finish remaining on it overall. The stock is in very good condition with a few nicks and dings but no splits and has a nice satin gloss. The dealer told me the reason that he wouldn't go over $150 was that the bore has some pitting in it and also that the serial number places it in a low range where the receivers were brittle (which I was fully aware of when I bought the rifle). I admit that I don't know much about the 1903 Springfield, but I'm curious now. Any information would be appreciated.
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