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I think all the photos are gorgeous, and better than any photo I've ever taken. In the end, I voted for the March photo by K-Loader. I'll be honest... I'm a pretty predictable guy. Because the quality of each of the shots is very high, I've got to look for other things to pare it down to a winner. So I first had to take the photos of the firearms I don't care much for out of the running.

I love pretty much all guns, but I love some less than others. So the single actions and the black powder pistol were among the first to drop. I also pulled the plug on the Desert Eagle because as much fun as it would be to own and shoot one of those, I've never found them attractive.

I liked the Garand photo, but not enough to keep it in the running. I thought the High Power was perhaps the finest looking firearm of all of them, but (for me), it clashed against the Christmas-y background and the fake plastic berries were the nail in the coffin. The AK didn't get a fair shot because I don't care for them a whole lot, but the smoothness of the photo made me give it a long hard look. In the end, I kicked it out of the running because of the oddball stuff on the right side of the picture. The box of dominoes made the decision for me. But I still go back to that photo as maybe my #2 pick because it looks so right and it almost makes me want to choose it even though I just don't care for AKs!

The lever gun photo was BY FAR the finest view of all else besides the subject, but I didn't vote for it either. My vote went to the Ruger pistol... perhaps because I have a KMK512 myself and I love it, but also because of the phenomenal capture of the muzzle blast. I think the human hand takes away from the photo a bit, but it's still my pick.

Now then... WHY did I write all this? I don't know... I felt like it. Seemed relevant and I wanted to share just a bit about what went through my head when I looked at each photo.
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