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No, trigger control is very very important to shooting. Sights can be dead on but if trigger control is poor, the shots will not go where intended.
Your statement defies the laws of physics. If your sights are on target when the gun fires, whether by luck or design, the bullets hit in the same place.

I don't think we really disagree, since trigger control is what makes the gun go bang when the sights are on target.

There's a co-ordination between the two. Because you can only concentrate on one thing at a time, the front sight focus prevents jerking the trigger or anticipating recoil. Jeff Cooper called it the surprise break, but call it what you want. I think that's an accepted doctrine in the world of pistolcraft.

And that brings us back to DA/SA shooting and the difficulty of trigger control with DA shots in a simi-auto.
No, you brought us back to DA/SA

I have no trouble with the DA part of my Sigs. Similar enough to a revolver. If you shoot DA, de-cock, repeat, and keep shooting DA, you'll find you can shoot quite well, and your groups may be better than SA.

It's the transition from DA to SA that takes work. It's a mental thing. Firing the DA shot while anticipating subsequent SA follow up shots are what causes the first shot, DA, to miss, IMO. Based on my experience.

The cure? Focus on the FRONT SIGHT. Critical for DA/SA first shot hitability (I wonder if that's a real word) Absolutely crucial. Lose your front sight concentratio on SA, you may just shoot low. Do it on first DA shot---you miss.

Revolvers have similar long trigger pulls, and rather than cause flinching, many (including me) find that it settles them down and makes it harder to know when the shot will break (that's good)--especially if you're focusing on the front sight.

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