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I live in WV and Instruct the NRA Classes to obtain a WV CCW. There is no set time period. Any NRA Firearms Class will do but you have to fire a handgun doing the class. At least the 6 or 7 counties around me (Wetzel) require it. There is no course of fire that they have to shoot and score. In my class they fire 35 to 50 rounds. The first 6 to 10 rounns I have them load one round and fire. Then 5 at a time and make everyone shoot slow fire. Double Taps. Triple Taps. Weak Hand only. Strong Hand only. Use a flash site picture and fire. The only thing I watch is how they handle the firearm. Can they load it and unload it safely. Do they handle it safely. I use a 20" square cardboard target at 10 feet.
If you don't know a trainer in your area talk to your local sheriff. He/She will know the trainers in your area.

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