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1 vs 2-piece scope mounts

For a hunting rifle that will most likely get bumped and banged around in hilly and rocky terrain, would there be any advantage with a 1 piece scope mount over a 2 piece? Specifically, I have a spare steel dovetail base that was used with an Accuracy International 1 piece mount (which I don't have anymore) and was considering getting a replacement mount and going with that setup since it seemed pretty solid.

My logic is that if the rifle were to get dropped or bang against a rock etc, the force would be spread out across the entire 1 piece mount as opposed to being focused directly on only 1 ring, thereby reducing a potential shift in zero. I had a buddy once loose a beautiful 8 point buck after dropping his rifle. He shot at it 3X at less than 150 yards and missed all 3 because his zero had shifted so much.
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