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Originally Posted by 45Gunner
I spent part of my life being a professional warrior
Many members have professional experience, as well. Most of us do not. I have no military experience. And frankly, my little burg is not down-town Basrah. And we do ourselves no good to pretend that it is.

My house is a home. It is better served with good doors and locks and an alarm system than a case of 5.56 in every room. I go to the local shopping mall to buy clothes and hobbyist magazines, not to duel in the sun.

Of course, I have good firearms, cleaned and maintained for proper use. I consider Jeff Cooper's ideas on awareness to be its own proactive mandate.

My concern is that this good, basic idea goes haywire and spins out of control. I cut steak with a "steak knife," not a field bayonet. I live in the suburbs, not in a dojo.

You can be aware, and live a happy life within a reasonable point of reference. And I'll put my money where my mouth is.

Below is the exact pair of jeans I wore to Madison's East Towne Mall yesterday. No ninja junk. Just a wharnecliffe knife (a basic knife for chores) and a Spyderco with a 1.3 inch blade. The only thing secreted away is a SureFire E1e flashlight.

However, I can assure you that my wife and I were proactively aware of our circunstances, where we parked, conscious if someone closed distance on us or followed our movements and we didn't flash cash or jewelry. We had a great time.

Edit: BTW, I use that little Spin most of the time. I'll probably wear it out! Great for loose threads, envelopes and UPS boxes.

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