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I agree with a proactive strategy unlike, for example, our TSA that is reactive. Simply stating that "I've never seen anything like this in these parts," or "This is just a bunch of warriors playing games that will never be," is setting one self for disaster.

I spent part of my life being a professional warrior and a reactive strategy is simply a great way to get yourself wiped out. By being aware of your surroundings and second guessing the next move is not only the best way to keep yourself alive, but is a challenging venture to stimulate the mind, educate the family, and make everyone think safety. These are very different times...and don't kid yourself that they are not. Hardly a day goes by where we don't read of horrific murders, kidnappings, home invasion were people are raped, maimed, slaughtered, etc.

In a previous life, I always looked for the best way to set the defenses for the protection and well being of my squad or platoon. It wasn't taken lightly and took some brain storming and forethought. Everyone became involved, being part of the team and some wonderful ideas were born.

Today, especially when our home displays the art we have collected around the world, and many expensive material things make life easier for us to enjoy the use of the house, we seek to keep our perimeters safe from any unwelcome intruders.

First and foremost is the alarm system that covers the entire house, garage included. We went the extra step with motion and infra red sensors. Arguably the next best line of defense which will warn us long before any alarm system in our dedicated family dog. She is the biggest teddy bear in the world until a stranger approaches the house. Her ultra sensitive hearing and keen smell have alerted us on many occasions when we heard nothing only to find someone or something lurking in the yard.

Our house is our castle and we are fortified with food, water, supplies which includes what some might call huge stockpiles of ammunition. All doors and window are hurricane proof and will withstand concerted attempts to break in. The house is a two story house with the "command center: being the master bedroom. Here is the heart of the arsenal which contains an AR-15 with night scope, shotgun, bolt action rifle, and at least three handguns. All with enough ammo to get thru any insurgency. We have flashlights, cell phones, land lines, wireless laptop computers, and maybe a surprise or two. This room is a 20X35 room with large, double doors that can be barricaded. And the panic button is located right near those doors. Family members that visit know the drill that we have rehearsed. The bedroom also has a commanding view of the entire community and there are two separate and distinct escape routes from their and they can be accessed with adequate suppressing cover from above.

The only weakness to this plan is my wife and I mean this not as an insult. She is not and probably will not ever be comfortable with guns. With each passing day of bad news in papers and TV, she is expressing an interest in some self protection techniques. I keep telling her the shotgun has her name on it. She knows she will do it in the near future because we are planning on her support to keep the home fires burning.

And situational awareness does not stop at the front door. Last year a mother and young daughter were murdered at the local mall parking lot. One must be complete and totally aware of what goes on. And as aging Americans we must know, even if the testosterone levels are still high, we may not be a match against three or four younger people with knives, guns, bats, etc. Our plan is to walk to the car/mall with my .45 in condition one with something hiding it from view such as a sweater or light jacket draped over it.

So, yes. Preparedness is mandatory. We must be on heightened vigilance and must not so naive as to hide our collective heads in the sand or say it will never happen to us.
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