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Been shot at by an annoyed farmer a couple of times when in high school. Once fishing on a lake. My buddies and I pulled into a cove to catfish. We had been ther a thousand times. Bout ten minutes after we get there this one night we keep getting swept by a spotlight. We didn't think anything of as we were not doing anything wrong. A few minutes of being swept the light stayed on us and then there was a "whiz" then loud impact sound on the deck of our pontoon boat, followed by the report of the muzzle blast. Needless to say we left as fast as we could!! That was very scary. Once when I was a kid I was sitting leaned up againt a tree when a bullet impacted the tree about 20 feet above my head. I never rember hearing the shot. I don't know if that was an miss gone real bad or what. I just ran to my house. So I guess the three or four times the farmer shot at us (yeah we were kinda slow learners). Then the time on the lake and in the field next to my house.
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