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While I believe a forum is a place for open discussion, even to the negative, I have to admit I tire very easily about such things as war stories and "the warrior mindset." Frankly, most of it rarely happens, or never has happened.

As for trolling, that's slippery slope for me, if something is BS it should be called. I once antagonized one of those internet sensei ninjas with a simple but true statement.

"There are no such things as knife fights. I've never seen karate work in a saloon."

In the 1970s everyone carried a Buck 110--blue collar guys, hunters and bikers. At a neighborhood bar there might be 40 guys with that model of knife. Added, David Carradine's TV show "Kung Fu" was quite popular, most folks had seen it.

So, mix young men, angst, 40 knives, martial arts and liquor together on a Friday night and what do you get?

Well, you get nothing.

In five years I never saw one knife fight or one kung fu slug-fest. I saw plenty of drunken pushing and shoving and a lot of vomit, but very little else.

Granted, I watch my surroundings, walk in "yellow" if you will, I carry something with me (an ASP or pepper spray) and I will definitely carry a rationally designed auto pistol when Wisconsin adopts a CCW provision.

But, I also lock my truck, I have installed an ADT system, I've upgraded my doors and windows and we have nightstand guns.

But I told my wife that as I approach 60 years of age I'm going to quit "self censoring" my speech. And here it is:

I admire the idea of being proactive. Tell me about better advances in security technologies and latest firearms and guns. Post informative links to documented news stories. Show me how to maximize the equipment I already own. But, there ain't no kung fu fighting, and if you want to be a warrior then join the army, they need folks.

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