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I agree with you that so many of the threads we read here deal with what happens/happened after somebody gains access to our houses, rather than the easier side of making our homes more difficult for the boogermen.

A bit of proactive security like enhanced locks, lighting, and common sense stuff like putting toys and lawn/garden tools away before dark and closing garage doors will send the dirtballs to somebody else's house that has yet to get the message.

That and getting to know who your neighbors are and how they view the need for security around the area,combined with whatever capabilities they have for HD or SD will make your neighborhood less friendly for the bad guys.

Lastly, put the local police force on notice that you have a need for more surveillance and attention due to strangers cruising your streets. The cops will try to tell you that they have budget problems and can't help out, but be the squeaky wheel and they'll know you are serious.

Once the perimeter is breached no good results. Keep 'em outside is a better approach.

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