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Do we focus too much on being reactive verses proactive?

We banter back and forth about training and tactics and mostly its dealing with a situation already upon us. The old saying an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure holds true in many aspects of life. Yes being prepared for the event despite all of our methods of prevention is absolutely needed, but prevention seems to be an afterthought at times.

I would like your thoughts on this and what do you do as far as prevention..
I like to have a game plan in place when I do most anything, flying by the seat of ones pants can result in disaster. I keep winter clothing boots and blankets in my car in case of a breakdown, including snowshoes, I have an emergency kit also as well as emergency phone numbers printed on a sheet of paper kept in a visor pocket as well as a phone book in the trunk. I keep my car doors locked as well and when parking I scope out any suspicious activity and try to park in a well lit area etc.

At home I keep my doors locked, I have bars across my cellar door and windows, these are common entry points of perps. I also have 2 dogs, a small parm that sleeps with one eye and both ears open, if a mouse farts down cellar we know about it. Then we have the enforcer, 100lbs of muscular black lab with no sense of humor. She was an abused dog and isn't trusting of anyone outside the immediate inhabitants of the house. lets just say I have no problem with Jehovah's wanting to come in and convert me.
We recently had a woman butchered and her preteen daughter almost killed by knives and a machete. The 4 ( mostly teens ) were going to do the house next door, but a barking dog made them decide to change houses. They were on a mission to rob and kill as they stated.

Everyone in my home knows NOT to just answer the door, especially alone, though once the dog comes charging no one seems to want to stick around long enough. Everyone also knows there is nothing outside worth anyone going outside to investigate a strange noise, if you perceive a threat call the police and stay put armed. I like to keep the dogs inside because if a perp does break in, they now have to focus on a dog. Their having to contend with a dog is a distraction which benefits our survival. Alarm systems are good, but in my area we have part time police and response time could be 45 minutes, so being self reliant equals survival.

If we here someone in the house, DO NOT automatically assume its an intruder, let the dogs do their work, it could be one of US! When we awake from a deep sleep especially we are not 100% coherent and this is when disaster could strike, once again a dog buys you time to get your wits about you to do a assessment of the situation. Automatic outside lighting can also be beneficial, aside from the obvious it can startle a perp and cause confusion which may make the perp leave.

SITUATIONAL awareness, this is often mentioned and rightfully so, here's where an ounce of prevention can really pay off especially when your outside of your comfort zone, HOME! Being in unfamiliar surrounding, on the bad guys turf has us at a distinct disadvantage. Parking lots, many car jacking's, robberies, kidnappings and ambush's happen in these settings. Suspicious people should be treated as such, also check inside your car BEFORE you get in!

Being macho can get you in a serious predicament, even if you have to swallow your pride and go back in a store or area with people and ask for assistance or express your concerns, it may not only save you but someone else. Having a form of defense at ready can make all the difference as one may not always have the opportunity to make it back to a safe place.

When I see a suspicious car I DO write down the plate number and description of the vehicle and inhabitants, plates are stolen all the time. I am not talking about EVERY car I don't recognize, but things that don't seem right many times aren't! Last but not least having a cell phone can be a lifesaver not only for criminal matters but for health situations and accidents. last thought, I also ask friends and relatives to please call us in advance if they are going to visit, this way we know to expect them. Do we have to live in a constant state of paranoia, absolutely not, life is to be enjoyed, but a little common sense can go a long way.
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