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09 season kinda sucked. didnt get out much cause of college and not having a job. My dad bag a nice doe in CT with his bow, then 2 weeks later some one stole the bow out of his car (thought he locked it ).

I blew a chance at nice 8 point buck in CT, he was about 52 yards away never went broad side and was hiding behind a rock, only shot he gave me was middle of the chest shot. Im pretty good at 20-40 yards but I didnt feel confident in taking the shot, so I didnt take it. still kicking my self in the ass for not letting an arrow fly. Didnt see jack during shotgun in MA and didnt even go out for ML cause I was being a little girl and it was cold out. so another year with out a deer, atleast theres next year o yea I cant hunt CT cause they jack the out of state resident license to 176 dollars so it would be about 200 cause i usally get a turkey tag. was about 100 for turkey and archery license, now its 176+28. all i gotta say is this better change, cause if it doesnt the rest of new england will be upping the prices for their hunting seasons.

Also Bagged a 25 pound tom at 15 yards on top of a rock wall. first turkey ive ever got, had my uncle calling him in. I was pretty much in awe after I pulled the trigger that my uncle asked if i was even happy bout getting one. later in the day when reality set in, i was all to pleased. it tasted delicious i might add

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