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Sorry no pictures.

The season started slower than usual for me. I only hunted a few times during archery season, but managed to bag a small doe.Over the past two years I have found sign from what looked to be a large buck, but have never seen him during daylight hours. The neighbors have seen him only a few times feeding at night. This year I decided to place a stand farther back into the woods, hoping to bag the big one. I didnt hunt this stand at all during archery. I wanted to leaves to have fallen to get a longer shot with my muzzleloader. It payed off!
I killed the biggest buck ever killed on the property. 10 pt. 140 inch 190 lbs. The shot was about 80 yards, while he was just trotting by.
That evening I shot another doe about 100 yards feeding in a bean field. Then two days later I shot a doe in the property owners front yard. It was a 175 yard shot. There was also a buck with this doe probably bigger than the one I already killed. Good news for next year!
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