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I have a few first aid kits available to me at ready access. First is my lightweight "comprehensive" kit with quik clot for backpacking, second is my home first aid kit which is decent but not comprehensive. And lastly I have a Comprehensive kit in my vehicle, again with quik clot (sponge and quik clot gause, sutures, anitbiotics, Epi pens). I am very active in the desert around here, and have been steadily building my medipack to treat about anything I could think of if I were to get stranded way out there. I can manage most gun shot wounds, large lacerations, hypothermia, heat stroke, etc.... most typical things for desert environment. I'm not the guy to FIX you, but I could at least keep you stable until professional help is available.

Smince, big Thumbs up on your philosophy "I think anyone who CCW's should learn how to handle gunshot and knife wounds"

Water-Man, YAY Quik Clot! haha
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