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The Army now has a larger pouch devoted to it, not one just big enough for a cavat and one bandage, which includes Israeli bandage, a one handed turniquet, nasal tube, tape, gloves, and whatever else you can throw in there. They've got tons of crap packed into a box like 6 in across and 3 in deep. I have a couple so I keep one in the car. The older style (green box) vehicle aid kits are getting replaced by the big trauma bags so I got a couple of those too. Also I managed to pick up some extra Israeli bandages. These things are great because its like a cross between an ace bandage and a trauma pad. Its got an L-shaped D-ring on top that puts additional pressure directly on the wound and you can apply them yourself. Don't mess with IV's much because if you don't stop the bleeding it'll just make em bleed out faster. Also have had great success with tampons. They're made to go into a bloody hole and a gunshot wound is a bloody hole...

Also keep one of those walmart vehicle emergency kits in my car that has a small first aid kit in it.
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