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I knew someone would catch that! Yes, it is in fact a Marlin .22mag. Not my first choice for anything bigger than squirrel, but I wasn't actually hunting for cat...just kindof happened. I was out exploring and saw some fresh kitty tracks, so I figured, "what the heck", blew a few cow calls and here he comes. This opportunity doesn't come along very often, so I took a headshot...
As the other gentleman said. That took stones..........

rantingredneck.....nice looking fox!
Thanks, It was the fourth one I'd seen that evening. We've been hitting the predators on this farm pretty hard the last few years. It's starting to pay dividends in that the quail and rabbit are coming back hard. Saw one covey (among many sightings) of 11 quail this year. Unusual in this part of the state to see even 1 wild quail.
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