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Don't have pictures ready but here goes (and this doesn't include waterfowl hunting on the potomac, cause thats a daily occurrence)

Went to NC for a deer/hog hunt in October and took 4 deer in two days (A 6 pointer, a 4 pointer and two does) - we hunted evening and next morning. Didn't see any hogs in the stand.

Went to PA with the ruffed grouse society for a two day grouse hunt, buddy and I hunted about 20 miles of forest, flushed 45 birds, and shot 3 including a big 'ol bird who is getting mounted.

Two weeks later I went to S. Dakota with folks I work with on a 3 days pheasant hunt. Its a big party hunt - with 20 of us - hunting wild birds (many of the preserves out there that run lots of trips are flush with pen birds, we didn't go to a hunting resort, we were hunting around a few feedlots and a hutterite colony with folks we know for years). We limited out by 2 pm each day (ie: 60 birds) and then spent the late afternoons walleye fishing on the Missouri. I saw 3 big mule deer and had the biggest whitetail buck I've ever seen jump out of a food plot I was blocking on, and run straight at me, passing by about 5 feet to my right)

Then I went Sika hunting in Maryland on the eastern shore. I didn't get one, but my buddy shot and missed a 6 pointer.

Got out another day in Virginia and shot a spike buck.

Went back to NC with 5 members of our armed forces who had just returned from Afghanistan and took them on a bear hunt on a friends property. We ended up shooting a 500 pound and a 300 pound bear. Then right before Christmas I got a doe and a huge (165 pound) spike buck.

Season isn't over yet though, as we have an extended antlerless season here in Virginia, which I've been using to hunt a new piece of land I just got rights too. Saw a ton of sign, but so far no deer. I am also heading back down to Carolina in mid February to hunt feral swine with dogs. And will be heading to Utah for an American Bar Association meeting in March. I have an invite from a client in Utah to hunt coyotes on the Utah/Nevada border and have an invite from another guy just over the Utah border in Idaho who wants me to come hunt Mountain Lions then. I need to decide which to do.

I was supposed to go on a dove hunt in East Central Oklahoma but work got in the way, had to cancel a trip to Western Oklahoma to hunt Mule Deer, and missed the Minnesota deer rifle season on the trip to SD by 3 days (and couldn't shoot some deer my buddy showed me on his game cams). And my traditional Christmas Week trip to hunt Quail in Georgia was cancelled because of a family medical issue (it was the same one that cancelled the OK Mule Deer trip).

Anticipation for next year?
I've been invited to Africa (Need to get wife's ok), and will be returning to Oklahoma for the dove hunt, a quail hunt and that Mulie. And the Idaho folks are trying to get me to hunt "real game" as they call it.
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