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Originally Posted by ProjectCamaro
I think the real question is do you want to give an over zealous DA more ammunition
I believe you are right.

I also believe that if you only go as far as putting fancy-schmancy pearl or ivory grips on a handgun it signals to a jury that you think of yourself as a gunfighter.

Remember, a jury is of "your peers." This does not always mean members of the NRA, but more likely citzens who live in your municipal area. Your liberal Democrat neighbor is your peer.

To that end, imagine yourself sitting as a defendant in your brand new haircut and suit smelling like mothballs as a smirking DA dangles a pearl-handled firearm in front of an unschooled jury.

"This ladies and gentlemen," the DA begins, "is an automatic pistol and a handful of hollowpoints the defendant knowingly placed in his pocket..."
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