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I'm sorry, can we back up to the OP for a second here? Did you really suggest shooting people who are near the guy mugging you, because A. they might possibly become a threat at some later point & B. to eliminate witnesses? Really?
I'm not sure he actually suggested it, but from his questions it is clear that he is open to considering such a course of action:

What I'm concerned about is what about the others who haven't shown any immediate threat?

Natural survival instincts tell me that it's in my best interest to shoot anyone who is associated with the armed robber because who knows if they're armed or not and if they chose the life of crime then they chose the risks that came with that as well. Like the quote I often heard defending CC, "I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6."

Also, who knows if I let the other BG run away if they'll just get out of sight, pull out their own guns, and shoot me while I'm busy pulling out my phone to report the shooting.

Also, if the BG happened to be gang related, their would be less likely of a blowback because there are no witnesses on their end to know what I look like and I'm sure the police would be cooperative enough to hide my identity if it was indeed a self defense shooting.

If you're attacked by multiple assailants and you can get the draw, would you just eliminate the immediate threat or all possible threats?
I can only hope you're never involved in a self-defense shooting, as I've gotta think "Should I kill any witnesses, you know, just in case?" would sound just as bad to a jury trying to determine if you were reasonable in your actions as it does to me.
Not only would such an act be indefensible, the very manner in which these permanent and discoverable posted questions were phrased just might cast serious doubt on the defendant's state of mind and weaken any attempt by a defense attorney to mount a case...
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