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Regular gun season started off a little slow for me. I saw plenty of deer, but they were all spikes and I didn't want to spend my second antlered deer tag just yet. I'd seen a nice deer earlier in ML season and couldn't get a shot at him.

One evening in my stand overlooking the creek I took a fox:

90 yds with a headshot from my .30-06.

Probably the coolest thing that happened in gun season was that my 4 year old son got to come with me for the first time:

He had a dentist appt one morning so I took the day off, we got the dentist out of the way and then went hunting. We were sitting in a 2 person ladder stand in a little patch of woods and I'm looking over my left shoulder for deer on one particular trail. I feel a little elbow in my ribs and hear a whispered "Daddy, there's the deer". I look to my right and sure enough a doe is walking not 50 yds from the stand. Try as I might I couldn't get a clear shot with my .243. She was weaving in and out of the brush and briars and I didn't want to take a bad shot. She walked on, but it was cool to share that experience with him. I expected him to be bouncing and all over the place as he's usually a little hyper. He was quiet and still and engaged in the hunt. Looking forward to taking him more next year.

The second coolest thing that happened this year was that one of my nephews FINALLY killed his first deer. He's hunted with us for several years and has had some misses and some missed opportunities. He finally got the monkey off his back.

A couple weeks later I took my first deer with a rifle for the year, 3 point buck:

60 yd shot from the ground with my .30-06. This deer literally stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me, giving me a perfect broadside shot. I took it. He fell right where he stood.

The last week of the season I took this good sized doe with a neck shot from 40 yds. Again, dead in her tracks. I haven't done much tracking this year .

All in all we had a good season. My family and a couple other guys have pretty much exclusive access to a large dairy farm. The landowner has one rule. Get deer off his property. We managed between the 9 of us who hunt there to take 43 deer off the property this year. With MANY more left behind to replenish.

This is the first year in several where we didn't kill a coyote. We saw a couple but always as a grey flash and gone. I've seen a ton of turkeys there this year and have evil plans for them for April.......
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