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There are many uses for weapons. One of use of a weapon is for self-defense where there is a clear and present danger. Some other use of weaponry is for compliance and punishment.

Lets say you are a a tourist driving a rental vehicle around a third world foreign country that you are visiting for pleasure. You accidentally violate one of the traffic laws. The police pull you over and due to the language barrier they become annoyed with your questions. They then proceed to utilize a Taser to electrocute you as a form of punishment. I am certain if this scenario happened then most observers would cry foul and of human rights abuses. However, in America, somehow that is justified.

The use of weaponry in America is only for self-defense from an obvious clear and present danger. If you start using it for other purposes then you might be engaging in torture or some other horrible act. Electrocuting someone because they are being an annoyance is not what the device was designed for.
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