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Now, what should I do differently to be a better CCW holder? What would you do in a similar situation?
In most robberies I'd let him take the money and leave and try to be a good witness.

When he came in shooting, that changed the dynamics considerably and would be a reason to fear for one's life and the lives of others. Doesn't mean drawing a weapon would have been the correct approach or even possible without getting shot.

You could have been in a convenience store and, aside from the clerk, could have been the only witness. Think about what you would have done if Bubba Two Strikes had ordered you on the floor or in the back room.

An acquaintence was legally armed while in a bank a number of years ago in California. Back before the gas bag liberals took over the state.

A man came into the bank to rob it. Not sure exactly what transpired, but at some point, he shot and killed a young lady teller. My acquaintence knew what to do. He drew his weapon and shot the robber, who made it outside before piling up dead in the pkg. lot.

HOT TIP: He DID NOT carry his gun UNLOADED for safety reasons in a SLOW to reach ankle holster-----and neither should you.

However, I like the ankle rig as a BUG and wish I wasn't too old and fat to access it (though it's still an option for driving). Main reason I don't is that I've been reaching in the same places for years. Know of people who used a different carry method and, under stress, reached where they USED TO CARRY it.

Sorry for the long winded reply---Red Bull, again.

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