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Chambered vs. Unchambered

Being someone new to CCW I'm sure my opinion will have minimal value but I'll take the "flames" if they may follow. The OP had mentioned that he was carrying without a chambered round. I am somewhat split on the idea and feel his reasons for carrying that way may justify that act, just as mine do at times. When I'm out and about, I carry loaded and ready to act should the situation arise as I'm sure no one will have access to my carry point. When at home I carry without one in the chamber (let the flame begin) and here's why. I generally carry around the home mainly to get more comfortable with always having it on my person. I live in a good neighborhood with minimal threat even though threat always exists. The reason I do not have a round chambered at home it a two part situation. 1st I carry a Sigma .40 and the fact that there is no external safety is something that I'm relatively new to. 2nd is the fact that I've got two small children (ages 2 1/2 and 8 months) who consider daddy and extreemly fun jungle gym. Though I do remove my weapon when I know I'll be engaging in the wrestle matches with the kids, my oldest is capable of a surprise attack at any moment because sneaking up on daddy is apparantly the most fun in the world. Okay, sorry to sidetrack, it was earlier mentioned that there were more than one reason that someone may carry unchambered and I was just wanting to elaborate on that point. One thing is true for me however, I am 100% certain of the state of my weapon at all times (unchambered at home/chambered when I'm out). As for the situation as listed by the OP, I'd be ready to act but not until BG made threatening actions towards myself or another individual in the bank. I'm not looking forward to the legal repercussions or personal issues that could come from killing a man who effectively killed the finish on a ceiling. Just my $.02.
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