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Phoenix, AZ: Good intermediate/advanced pistol course?

The only pistol course I've ever taken is my CCW course.

That being said,
-I am an RSO and have good gun-handling skills
-I'm an instructor with Appleseed (granted it's rifles, but I've found some of it useful in regards to pistols as well)
-I've been shooting steel matches for several months, and shooting pistols for about 10 years now. Now that I've got all my gear concerns squared away, I'm placing high in the D class or low in the C class of shooters.

An intro class is too simple, looking at the course content of many of them. In fact, some of the intermediate ones, depending on the place offering them and the content of the outline, are too simple.

Can someone recommend some coursework in the Phoenix area suited to a shooter at my stage of development? Looking for a 1-2 day weekend course dealing with mag change techniques, rapid pairs, front sight work, changing targets.

Thanks, all!
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