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I posted this to discuss and see what I can learn how the courts view a use of force situation. This was one of the better articles I could find where they articulated the different criteria on how they arrived at the decision.

There is a broader issue on the use of force that goes beyond the court-room. I found this video on Youtube. The narrarator in the background is either British or Australian. They are basically using the video as a comedy routine and at the end the narrarator goes on to say how this is a micro-cosm for American policy implying the officers represent what America stands for.

In today's age, there are cameras everywhere. Everyone has some sort of video camera on their phone and you can't escape them wherever you go. Its important to do the right thing in these instances or else there are consequences that go beyond the particular incident. For example, what if a foreigner uses this type of video as a justification to attack US soldiers in Afghanistan? What if a terrorist group uses one of these youtube videos as propaganda with the logic if this is how they treat their own citizens then how will they treat us? It is important to exercise a high degree of restraint and make sure there is justification for what you are doing.

From some of these videos I am seeing, it seems like Tasers are used more as pain compliance devices which seem like th old school torture tactics used by certain foreign nations. You can't say Saddam was in the wrong when you have video evidence showing how our own are using similar tactics. I spent some time in the miltary and did not serve because of the officers in this video. They certainly do not represent me or the United States.
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