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Originally Posted by Playboypenguin
"People" make this claim all of the time. Mostly on the internet. I have never had a single one of these people ever be able to show me a single documented case
Well, now you have met me.

In both my 1979 trial and in the arbitration hearing to keep my job my actions were repeatedly described as carrying a "loaded concealed firearm."

In one humorous exachange during the arbitration there was a pantomime re-enactment of my body frisk to demonstrate if the arresting officer could see the pistol in my pocket, feel it, discern if the safety was on, etc.

From that demonstration the pistol was then described as having a "loaded chamber."

In other words, what you and I consider simply "the manual of arms" was used against me as manure on the barn-door.

In this light, my attorney negotiated the court trial down to probation, time served, a six week citizenship course, a fifty dollar fine and entry into Wisconsin's "first offenders" program.

After more than a year on the arbitration, I lost my job but kept the unemployment funds until a new hearing in 1990.

Trust me, if a DA can soil your reputation by prosecuting the firearm to win a case, he will.
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