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Originally Posted by Sarge
You can get sued by anybody for just about anything.
This is the best advise.

Having said that, my customized pistols are for sport. The defense firearms my wife and I use are "box stock." And for a very good reason.

I once sat at a hearing and watched an attorney rattle off all of the stupid things I did over the decades in one sentence to an arbitrator. Yikes, I would have voted 'guilty' at that moment.

Added, for a few years at a Gander Mountain I had the opportunity to work with a retired LEO. He opined that if he ever had to defend himself he expected to barbequed in our liberal newspaper as a "trained police officer gone rogue with a firearm." Admittedly I chuckled. He then asked me to review my life...

I figure why give these parasites an even break? Test fire your defense pistol, and if it doesn't function, have it repaired. Make sure your ammunition and magazine work.

Then if some DA wants to make his bones on your back your attorney can demonstrate that your pistol is "right off the rack at Wal-Mart."

...Oh, and get a haircut and wear a suit...
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