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Altering firearms

I have a very serious question. i have been told by several people that after a justified shooting, the prosecuting side can make all sorts of claims about intent due to alterations of your firearm, ie trigger jobs, lights/lasers, higher capacity magazines than what come with the weapon. all of my defense handguns are stock with the exception of a pair of grips on my 1911, and i have removed the one piece guide rod for a ww2 style for ease of disassembly, however the 28 inch shotgun by the bed now sports a 18 inch open choke barrel and a magazine extension, and soon to be a tac light and side saddle.

my question is will i get hammerd for those changes in court following a justifiable homicide, because i turned a hunting gun into a "man killing machine?" showing intent. or should i just not risk it and return the gun to its original condition and just buy a weapon that comes factory the way i need it?
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