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This is an excellent point brought to the forefront. We have all the "normal" stuff at the house. We had never planned for things such as gunshot wounds as we are very close to several major medical centers. And of all people, I should really have that type of first aid kit in the house as I was shot a bunch of years ago in my own house. I was living alone at the time and was able to call 911.

The oddity here is that my wife and I have a motorhome we use for extended vacations. We have planned for most all contingencies and have a major first aid kit in it. And, we also have one for the dog.

Because of this thread, I think we will make it a point to procure a kit this weekend and one for the dog. How many times have we heard of a home invasion where the dog gets shot? Happened somewhere locally this past week as reported by the local TV news.
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