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Basic First Aid kit, do you keep one handy?

This is not strictly gun related, but certainly has a lot to do with tactics.
( I do hope the moderators forgive me and don't lock the thread too soon)

Issues such as carrying knives, spare ammo, torches and BUG's have been mentioned and discussed at length, yet I have not seen any mention of something with which to save your life (or someone else's) AFTER the fight has ended but you (or someone near you) is bleeding.

In the military each soldier carries a bandage in his front left pocket (at least in the IDF, I believe that the US carry one in a pouch on their webbing).

Most of us agree that it is not guaranteed to survive a confrontation unscathed, and when the fight is over (in some scenarios even during the fight), being able to stem bleeding will determine whether you live or not.

For that purpose I have a reasonably well kitted First Aid kit in my vehicle, which is never too far from me, and If I am camping, hunting, etc, I carry some basics on me. (Off course, one should also learn at least basic first aid).

What are your thoughts on this issue?



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