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Careful of the "gravitating to a gun" mentality too. You would have to be justified in the initial use of force too. If you get in a altercation with someone and decide to fight, then things go bad for you and you draw your weapon, you may find yourself in a HEAP of trouble. Can you imagine a lawyer arguing that the poor defendant was stealing your property to buy food for his poor family when in a fit of anger you attacked him with your fists. He pulls out a screwdriver to defend himself and you callously shoot him. They will argue that if you witnessed the theft you could have just called the police. You didn't need to use force on him. He was just taking the property, he wasn't threatening you but you HAD to make it a physical altercation. Does your state law allow you to use deadly force to stop a petty theft? If it doesn't you better be ready for some jail time. Maybe a lot of it.
I'd rather snap a few pics of him stealing it. Let HIM go to jail, not me.
Why has INTEGRITY become such a rare commodity?
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