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Check out Officer Stacy Lim's citation from

Shot through the heart with a .357 Magnum at a distance of less than five feet, Officer Lim returned fire, chased down and killed her assailant. Officer Lim collapsed only after her assailant had been stopped.

It's easy, from the comfort of an easy chair, to have an opinion about what humans will or won't do under stress. But human reactions are a little more varied than our expectations generally allow.

If you are attacked, will your assailant have the motivation and mindset of an Officer Lim? Or will your assailant just curl up into a quivering ball of fail at the very sight of a gun? No way to tell. But I'll tell you this: if I'm ever in a life-threatening criminal encounter, I fully intend to react as Officer Lim did, fighting until my body is unable to sustain the fight any longer. And to defend my own life, I'll be prepared to keep fighting until my opponent is out of the fight, regardless of whether I think he should have quit with the first hit.

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