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Winchersters are pretty rare and bring big bucks, but only if marked that way at the factory.

Seriously, the B&L scopes were excellent and were sturdier for the reason you say. At the time, they were top of the line. But today, no one wants them and today's scopes have better optics. Scopes don't add much to the value of a sporting rifle, and are hard to sell separately. This has always seemed odd to me, as scopes aren't worn out by looking through them and any damage is readily apparent, unlike rifles.

If you really want to sell the gun, your price is on the high side by about $100, but you can come down if you get someone who wants it. I think it is going to be hard finding that someone. If you are in deer country, wait until fall and try a newspaper ad.

Like I said, they never really caught on, not having the traditional lever gun look, and they have little collector value. The folks who do use them like them, though.

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